Catalogue price changes

Dear Business Partners,

all of you have surely noticed the abrupt price changes (not only) on the pool technology market. The prices
of most suppliers are growing, while even the big distributors like us are reacting to these changes. We are
not able to absorb these increases anymore and are forced to adjust our sales prices accordingly.

We will not spam you with e-mails about price adjustments of particular items from our product range; instead,
we would like to ask you to kindly check the actual prices on our website www.vagnerpool.com, where,
upon login to your customer profile, your up-to-date wholesale prices can be found.

Furthermore, please kindly take these potential future price increases of some products into consideration
hen calculating the price offers for your customers.

Unfortunately, it is not within our powers to keep the prices of our earlier orders on the same level as when the
orders were placed. Our system automatically invoices all goods with updated prices. Therefore, all orders will
be invoiced with the prices valid on the day of invoicing.

We apologize for any complications this may bring. The whole situation is unpleasant, unclear and basically
unpredictable. We will, however, do our best not to change our prices to often and absorb the supplier price
changes until the very last moment.


Thank you for your understanding and we wish you a successful season,



Changes of catalogue prices 2021 - CZ 87 kB application/pdf DOWNLOAD
Changes of catalogue prices 2021 - EN 87 kB application/pdf DOWNLOAD
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Changes of catalogue prices 2021 - HR 163 kB application/pdf DOWNLOAD