VA SALT SMART C10 max. 25 m3 + pH probe

VA SALT SMART C10 max. 25 m3  + pH probe
Úprava slané vody a pH; Recommended pool volume: 25 m3; Optimal salt level required: 4 g/l; Digital display: ANO ; Voltage: 230 V AC
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Category: Salt water treatment
Salt water treatment

Compact SW-chrlorinator unit with IP65 65 protection and chlorine production of 10 grams per hour, for pools with up to 25 m3. WIth own pH measuring and dosing; can be extended with ORP/FCL as well as with salinity/temperature sensors. Flow switch included. Unit contains automatic cell output regulation with regard to pool cover.

Compatible with the VArio POOL CONTROL and Ey-Pool.

Recommended pool volume:

  • 20 m3 – water temp above 28°C
  • 25 m3 – water temp up to 28°C

Package contents:

  • VA SALT SMART unit
  • Electrolytic cell
  • Flow switch
  • pH kit - pH probe, probe holder, calibration solutions
  • ORP / FCL probe is NOT included and must be bought separately.

Optional accessories:

  • kit for ORP measurement
  • kit for free chlorine measurement
  • kit for conductivity/salinity measurement
  • kit for temperature measurement
  • kit for pH level measurement


  • Own pH measuring and dosing
  • Lower energy comsumption
  • Lower weight
  • IP65 protection – can be placed in underground technology spaces
  • Low operating temperature, providing for longer lilfespan
  • Compact, easy-to-install device
  • Higher chlorine production due to internal power source switching
  • Higher cell durability - up to 10.000 hours
  • Microchhip-controlled
  • 100% EU-produced
  • Manual chlorine production regulation
  • Low-salt / High-salt warnings
  • Self-cleaning


  • Diensions (mm) 280 x 250 x 135
  • Weight (kg) 5
  • Power source 230 V/50 Hz AC
  • Mex. cell current (A) 10
  • Max. output (W) 75
  • Cell power source 7,5 V DC
  • Recommended salinity 4-5 g/l (saltwater)
  • For use with seawater (up to 35 g/l), a SW adjustment is necessary
  • Automatic switch-off by lack of water, gas accumulation in the cell, device overload or overheating and short-circuit

Technical parametres

Product type:Úprava slané vody a pH
Recommended pool volume:25 m3
Minimum required salt level:2 g/l
Optimal salt level required:4 g/l
Easy to install:Ano
Connection (int.):50 mm
Digital display:ANO
Voltage:230 V AC